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1st Yr Trip to Waterford Crystal!

Rachel O' Connor | On 24, May 2016 in Student News,
1st Yr Trip to Waterford Crystal!

1st Year Geography Trip to Waterford Crystal – May 2016

This years the first years went on a trip to Waterford Crystal manufacturing factory. It was a great experience and we got to go inside the factory to see the crystal in process. Our tour guide was very good and started off by telling us a lot about the history of the factory. He told us about craftsmen from our local area. We saw the crystal being made from start to the final product. I loved this trip and recommend it! – Leah O’ Connell.

Our first year group all went on an educational trip to Waterford Crystal, a crystal manufacturing business. It was a really interesting trip as i got to see the process of how to make crystal. This showed us all how a manufacturing business really works. – David Corish.

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