Career Guidance

Ramsgrange Community School – Dedicated Career Guidance Website


RamsgrangeCommunity School is co-educational and currently has 435 students and 46 teachers, including a full-time guidance counsellor, chaplain, home school liaison officer and key worker.  There are also 6 SNAs. A structured Guidance and Counselling Service is available to all students in the school at all levels. Guidance is given in classes in a mixed ability setting and during individual consultations. The Guidance and Counselling service includes class, individual and small group interventions in one or more of the three areas of personal/social, educational and vocational concerns.

Philosophy & Mission Statement

The philosophy of the school is to develop every student as a whole person and to enable all in the school community achieve their full potential.  The school has long been recognised as a centre of academic excellence for second level and continuing education. Our mission statement is:

Ramsgrange Community School is a welcoming, open and inclusive school. Our aim is to develop each of our students as a whole person by promoting an atmosphere of respect, honesty and fairness in which all the school community can achieve their full potential.

The Aims of the Guidance Service

  • To assist every student in achieving their full potential in every aspect of their life.
  • To provide information enabling students to make informed decisions in relation to subject choice and ultimately career choice.
  • To develop a sense of independence in the students with regards to completing their own research.
  • To encourage a confidence in the student in dealing with situations, both personal and vocational and accordingly developing their self-esteem.
  • To provide students with appropriate support in times of crisis and trauma through counselling or support programmes.
  • To facilitate student’s integration in the school community through various peer related activities.
  • To identify students at risk and put in place appropriate strategies to help them deal with the difficulties they may be experiencing.
  • To provide where possible appropriate support for parents and guardians where such support is deemed necessary.