RCS Uniform Policy (2024)

All students are required to wear the Ramsgrange Community School uniform. To allow for laundering and/or accidents, it is recommended that students have at least two of each of the uniform items listed below. Click on link below to view RCS School Uniform Policy in full. 

The RCS School Uniform consists of:


  • Navy school trousers/skirt (must be at least knee length not shorter and have one inverted pleat) Navy knee length socks or navy tights (patterned or ribbed tights not allowed). 
  • Navy school sweater with embossed crest – Wallaces, Wellington Bridge. 
  • Light blue polo shirt with embossed crest – Wallaces, Wellington Bridge. 
  • Plain socks 
  • Plain low-healed navy or black school shoes. Runners or sports shoes of any kind are not permitted. 
  •  Navy school jacket with crest available from Wallaces or on O’Neills website (See Ramsgrange page). 
  • Navy half-zip jacket with crest (available from O’Neills website). The half-zip is not an alternative to the school jumper.  

PE Uniform  

  • White t-shirt 
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottom  
  • PE uniform can be worn only during PE class (note change from 2023 policy) 

School Teams Sports Kit  

  • Any student participating in school sports and representing the school must be dressed in full school sports kit (shorts and socks and school half-zip/jacket). Jerseys are provided for matches. 


Where a student is not wearing the correct PE uniform, parents/guardians will be contacted to arrange a change of clothing. Alternatively, students may be given a spare uniform from our store in school. If a student refuses to wear correct uniform, parents/guardians will be asked to collect their son/daughter and return to school wearing the above uniform. We understand that there may be rare cases where a student may be unable to wear the correct uniform in sudden or unexpected events and we ask parents to sign a note in the diary to inform us if this is the case.