School Uniform

All students are required to wear the Ramsgrange Community School uniform. To allow for laundering and/or accidents, it is recommended that students have at least two of each of the uniform items listed below.

Students are required to wear completely plain black footwear.

In PE classes, students wear a tracksuit bottom or shorts, a tee shirt and non-marking runners.


  • Navy school trousers/skirt (must be at least knee length not shorter and
    have one inverted pleat)
  • Navy knee length socks or navy tights (patterned or ribbed tights not allowed)
  • Navy school sweater with embossed crest
  • Light blue polo shirt with embossed crest
  • Dark socks
  • Plain low-healed navy or black school shoes.
  • Navy school jacket with crest

Black Footwear

PE Uniform

All students participating in PE are required to dress in appropriate sportswear. This includes XXX.

Where to purchase:


Where a student is not wearing the correct PE uniform, parents/guardians will be contacted to arrange a change of clothing. Alternatively, students may be given a spare uniform from our store in school. If a student refuses to wear correct uniform, parents/guardians will be asked to collect their son/daughter and return to school wearing the above uniform. We understand that there may be rare cases where a student may be unable to wear the correct uniform in sudden or unexpected events and we ask parents to sign a note in the diary to inform us if this is the case.