Internet Safety

Children and Teenagers in Ireland today are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of the ever increasingly powerful communication tools on the internet such as social networking sites, internet enabled camera phones and video and photograph sharing websites.

While this technology offers fantastic opportunities for them to learn, play and to interact with their peers, there can be downsides too. The anonymous and instantaneous nature of the internet can leave people exposed to greater risks from potential predators.

There are loads of great sites which will help you have fun on the internet while ensuring that you protect yourself from unnecessary risk .

The aim of this section of the RCS website is to  to provide them with some simple advice on how they can have fun on the internet, stay in control and to give them the heads-up on what they should do if they encounter experiences that make them feel uncomfortable or scared. This advice is given coupled by the Acceptable Use Policy adopted by the Board of Management and set against the backdrop of the school’s mission statement.