Dignity at Work – Policy and Procedure

The Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), the
Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland (ASTI), FORSA and the Teachers’
Union of Ireland (TUI) have jointly agreed this policy and procedure (“this
policy”) whereby bullying/harassment/sexual harassment in schools and places
of work is dealt with efficiently, effectively and fairly through agreed procedures
for the making of and dealing with complaints.
ACCS, ASTI, FORSA and TUI are fully committed to creating, within every
Community and Comprehensive School, an environment that is free of bullying/
harassment/sexual harassment and which promotes personal integrity and dignity.
The provisions of LRC Codes of Practice S.I. No.17/2002 and S.I. 208/2012
for addressing bullying in the Workplace and harassment/sexual harassment
respectively and the Health & Safety Authority 2007 Code of Practice on the
prevention and resolution of bullying at work have been incorporated into this policy.
This policy sets out the procedure which must be adhered to in the operation of
the policy at all stages.
The policy is an industrial relations procedure. In circumstances where legal
action is invoked, the policy will be suspended and the operation of the law will
take precedence.