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We, at RCS, are delighted to have German as part of our curriculum for the first time this year.  The class of 1A have thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to German.  They have, in three months, gone from knowing no German to being able to talk about themselves, their family and friends, their house and area.

The highlight for all of the students has been the pen pal scheme with our partner school in Duisburg, Germany.  Each student has sent and received letters and cards from their new pen pals.  The scheme is extremely motivating and exciting and the students are very proud to have new German friends.
We have ended our first term of German by learning how to sing Silent Night in German, a video of which has been sent to our German friends.  The German class teacher emailed to say how delighted and impressed the class was with our students’ efforts.
The German class will be join with the other first year classes in “Ramsgrange has got Talent” on the last day of term to perform a multi lingual version of Silent Night in front of the rest of the school.  Verses will be sung in German, French and Irish.  It’s a very fitting end to a very prosperous term and sets a great tone for next year.
So, as they say in Germany “fröhliche Weihnachten”! – happy Christmas!!