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Subject Overview

This is a practical and vocationally-oriented course that introduces students to the world of Business in a straightforward and logical way. It aims to create an awareness of the importance of Business activity and to develop a positive and ethical attitude towards it.. The importance of people in Business is highlighted. The course sets out to illustrate the process of setting up a business and developing a new product or service. It emphasises the importance of good management and deals with skills and activities necessary for good management practice. It also deals with the impact of technology, foreign trade, global firms and competition and with business structures and the national economy


Unit 1

  • People in Business
  • Conflicting interests.

Unit 2

  • Enterprise

Unit 3

  • Management
  • Communications

Unit 4

  • Household and Business Finance, Insurance, Taxation.
  • Human Resource Management
  • The Changing Role of Management
  • Monitoring a Business including ratio analysis.

Unit 5

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Marketing
  • Starting up
  • Expansion

Unit 6

  • Business Sectors
  • Structure of Business
  • Community Development
  • Business, Government and Workers
  • Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Business

Unit 7

  • The International Trading Environment
  • The European Union
  • International Business


Assessment is by examination paper at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level.


PDFLeaving Certificate Business Syllabus (Ordinary level and Higher level)

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