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LCA Trips 2015 2016

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History Trip of Wexford Town and Go Karting – Report by Evan Dwyer LCA1.

Aims: Find Out About the History of Wexford Town

Actual Report: We left school 10:20 sharp on a bus to Wexford town, we got dropped at the Talbot hotel at about 10:50am on the 15th of September and went straight to the quay towards the tourist’s office. We started our tour at 11:00 we walked around Wexford town for an hour learning about the history of the town.

We found out that in 420 AD the Christians had a settlement along the river and in 800 AD the Vikings came and put the town together, we heard of the legend of how Wexford got its name. A witch flooded the island and Garmin garb’s died .Wexford first name was Lake of Garman, and then changed to loch Garman in Irish. Wexford was invaded by Normans.

There are many Heritage Buildings in Wexford Town for example the Opera House, St. Abbey,

Conclusion: I thought the trip was Interesting and I enjoyed the day and enjoyed going karting. I found out loads of Information about Wexford Town I Would Do it again.