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One Book One Community – Titanic

A Big Thank you to Ms. Ann Cadogan for yet another highlight for RCS this year! Below is account of what the ‘One Book, One Community’ Initiative is all about.

A very big thank you to our parents volunteers, Clare White, Kirstie Sinnott, Andy Rudd, Michael Gibbons, Elaine McDonald, Siobhan Doyle, Avril Murphy, Mary Pierce & Gina Hendrick – you were brilliant!!!

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One Book project

As Home School Community Liaison co-coordinator and with the inspiritational support of our volunteer parents, a literacy initiative called ‘One Book One Community’ has been rolled out at Ramsgrange Community School. This is a visionary project that aims to promote and encourage reading while also aiming to improve literacy levels. Since September 22nd, every Monday morning nine volunteer parents have journeyed to the school. Here they work tirelessly with our first years, facilitating this reading programme to be enjoyed at every level of learning.

Typically each parent will work with three students in each of our three first year groups, one class a week for 10 weeks. In the small groups the tutors listen to the students as they read, one at time. They discuss the main themes and explore the meanings of the difficult words from the text.

The book that was chosen is The Titanic Tragedy by Vincent Mc Donnell, which documents the construction of the famous ship and its fateful maiden voyage.

The students will be assigned a set amount of reading for the following week.

To bring the book to life the parents have initiated six creative workshops which happen seamlessly alongside the reading programme.Each week a different parent will conduct a workshop related to the Titanic, navigation and shipping.

Week one Michael Gibbons presented his model of the Titanic and accompanied it with interesting information on its construction and makeup.

Week two saw Elaine Mc Donald deliver a much researched lesson on the actual journey of the famous ship and used photos and maps as resources.

Week three was the turn of Avril Murphy and Mary Pierce who again gave a wonderful lesson on mapping, navigation using coordinates. The learning was enhanced with the use of flags, maps, compasses and binoculars.

Week four and Andy Rudd introduced the classes to Morse Coding. Each student got to experience at first hand the sending of a signal.

Week five the students got a flavor of what the menus for each of the three types of travelers was.

Kirsty Sinnott also gave them an insight to life below deck.

The Wexford connection was explored with voyagers from Duncannon, Ballymitty and Ballywilliam evident in the list of passengers.

Gina Hendrick will conduct a workshop as she takes on the role of a maid to a passenger in first class where she will give her a hairdo.

Clare White will be responsible for overseeing the costumes that will be worn by some staff, parents and students on our Titanic Day, Monday Dec 15th from 9.00 to 4.00 p m.

For our finale we are celebrating with a day packed with activities, workshops and exhibitions. We are transforming our foyer to the inside of the ship with the meeting room being converted to the bridge and radio room.

All our junior classes will be invited to participate in the workshops on that day as will our local primary schools.

All parents are welcome to join us on board and participate in the activities and fun. We would love to see as many as possible really getting into the spirit of the Titanic by dressing up for the day.

We are grateful to the local RNLI who will be on hand all day should the need arise to leave our ship in an emergency!