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Attendance – Don’t let your child miss out!


Ramsgrange Community School sends out notification by letter when your child has missed 5/10/15 days at school. At 20 days the Educational and Welfare Officer (EWO) is informed.

RCS Interventions include; Letter, phone calls, texts, NBSS Check & Connect, HSCL, SCP, Key Worker, Yearhead, Rewards, Meetings with P/DP.

Attendance Strategy Statement

Don’t let your child miss out

If you are a parent or guardian* of a child
aged between 6 and 16 this leaflet outlines
the special role you play in ensuring that
your child doesn’t miss out on his or
her education.
It also gives you information about the Child and
Family Agency which supports regular school
attendance and the education of children and young
people through Educational Welfare Officers.
The job of the Child and Family Agency is to
support families and make sure that every
child receives an education as required by law.
Almost all children do this
by attending school.

How you can help your
child to attend school
• Make education important in your
home and let your child know it is not
okay to miss school.
• Listen to your child. Be interested in his
or her news about school and ask about
what he or she is doing.
• Help your child to be proud of a good
attendance record.
• Build your child’s confidence by praising
him or her when he or she does well.
• Read letters and reports from the school
and know the school rules.
• Go to school meetings and get to know
the teacher, staff and your child’s friends.
• Don’t take family holidays during
school term.
• Be alert for reasons why your child
may not want to go to school. If your
child finds school work hard, talk to the
school right away.
• Encourage your child not to take on
a part-time job during school term. A
tired teenager will not be able to keep
up at school.