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Home School Community Liaison Officer (HSCL)

The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Scheme has been running in Ramsgrange Community School since September 2007.

The HSCL Coordinator is  Ms. Ann Cadogan  who can be contacted on  083 0054438    .

Aims of the Scheme The HSCL scheme aims to increase the link between home and school by encouraging parents to become more involved in their children’s education.  It also aims to encourage self development, literacy skills and activities of parents so that they as the primary educators of their children will be positive role models, encouraging the educational and personal advancement of their children. Goals :To maximise active participation of the children in the schools of the scheme in the learning process, in particular those who might be at risk or failure

  • To promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of the children.

Activities Locally based activities are organised by the HSCL coordinator which set out to encourage greater contact between parents, teachers and with local voluntary groups. Activities in our school include

  • Monthly Coffee mornings where a topic pertinent to parenting is chosen and a speaker in invited to make a presentation
  • Home Visits – The HSCL coordinator visits parents in their own homes to address concerns they may have about their children in school and to help first year students to settle in to their new school as part of our transfer programme.  Visits to Homes of First Years will be scheduled by our HSCL coordinator but parents of other year groups are invited to make arrangements themselves to meet with the HSCL teacher at a time of their choice. This can be arranged by calling the HSCL coordinator       083 0054438
  • Courses for parents are run throughout the year on a range of topics: these include Pilates, cookery, horticulture, digital photography among others.  Parents may enrol in these courses by filling out the application forms supplied to their children in school or by calling/texting the above number.

Maths for Fun and Science for Fun – Parents are actively engaged in delivering both these programmes to a number of classes. If you are interested in becoming involved or wish to do the training, please feel free to contact our HSCL teacher. This is a very successful intervention where the parents support the students in their learning in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

  • Local Committee – Each year a local committee made up of parents, Home School Community Liaison Coordinator and members of local agencies such as the School Completion Project, SWWCDP, local Garda etc. focuses on a pertinent issue for the school year.  Following a highly series of workshops on raising awareness around mental health and launching a brochure on “Teenage Survival guide”. This years’ chosen initiative is to set up a working garden in the school grounds. The committee has been meeting every Wed in the school at 11.00 and would be very pleased if anyone could give up an hour or two to help with the developing project.