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PA Christmas Newsletter 2013

This is the first edition of the Parents Association Newsletter. The new PA felt the need to communicate directly with Parents, firstly to keep you up to date with matters in school where we as a Parent body are actively involved, e.g. review, amendment and development of policies (Uniform Admissions, Code of Behaviour etc.) Secondly to inform you of issues that we identify or are made aware of on an on-going basis e.g. arrange parking attendants at Open Night and Craft Fair and the road safety risk with the busses after school in the evenings.

Our vision for the future is, to at least have one parent, from each year, representing the parents from that year, and to feed into the core group reagrding areas where we can be of help, specific to that year group.


There are various activities going on in the school. Most of these are only possible if the teachers or co-ordinators can avail of parental assistance. Ann Cadogan (HSCL) is co-ordinating a few activities usually running for 6 weeks where parents spend and hour or two one morning a week as tutors, advisors or supervisors. these activities include;

Maths For Fun, Paired Reading, Gardening (Community Garden Project) and Craft/Coffee Mornings (Halloween, Christmas Decorations, Festive Flowers)


We as a PA take active part in developing new, and in the amendment or updating of existing policies e.g. Uniform.

Current Projects:

As most of the parents who collect after school are aware, we have a major safety concern regarding traffic, pedestrians and busses. We are currently exploring all avenues to find a solution this issue.

We would appreciate it if any parent has any ideas or contacts or solution to this to please contact the office or Jacques Briel on 0876464641.

We are looking forward to seeing new faces at our monthly meetings. The dates and times will be forwarded by text message.