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TL21 Project – Literacy in Project Maths 2015-2016

Our TL21 Project Workshops are underway for 2015 – 2016. The focus of the workshops this year will be the terminology used in Statistics. Students will take part in 3 ‘Group Work’ focused workshops before the Maths team delve into the area of statistics.

20151112_151903 20151112_151906 20151112_151911 20151112_152216

All 1st years took part in a series of workshops that supported the Statistics Section of their 1st year Maths Programme.

Improvements and Gains were made by across the board (will be updated here) but 1B’s results exceeded those of the other 1st year classes!!

Well done to all involved!

Literacy Workshops with a focus on Keywords will be rolled out after Easter!

Below are pictures from 1B’s TL21 reward – an afternoon in Sheilbaggan Adventure Centre!

20160301_153928 20160301_152824 20160301_152806 20160301_152150 20160301_151543 20160301_151533 20160301_151004 20160301_150637 20160301_150615 20160301_150603 20160301_150548


Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Each 1st year class was given the Keywords and Definitions for Statistics before the workshops began.

The Workshops – devised by the Principal & Maths Department – were then rolled out over a series of 4 Maths classes with different activities & games. The main Teaching Methodology used was group work. Each Student was assigned a very specific role each week and it was together as a team that each group had to solve the workshop tasks.

After the completion of the Wokshops the results a=were as follows;

1A: Scores improved by 19%

1B: Scores improved by 30%

1C: Scores improved by 24%

Prizes were given to the best group in each class and then an overall prize was given to 1B!