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SSE – Strand 2 – Literacy

The focus of our evaluation is to identify and assess areas of Literacy in need of improvement thereby developing practical, implementable and effective whole-school strategies which will enhance our students overall proficiency in areas of literacy as identified by the data.

Summary of our Main Strengths

  1. Our DEIS plan has focused on Literacy and therefore;
    1. There is awareness of Literacy amongst staff and they see themselves as having a role to play in developing literacy skills.
    2. Teachers wherever possible use concrete materials or link practice to real life.
    3. We actively encourage the involvement of parents in the advancement of their children’s literacy skill levels through programmes such as Paired Reading, delivered by trained parents.
  2. A dedicated staff that is willing to engage with programmes in order to enhance student literacy and professional development.
  • Parents are confident in their ability to help their child with literacy issues.
  1. Our cohort of first year students’ literacy ability correlates positively with the STen norms.
  2. Strong tradition and culture of cross-curricular activities.

Summary of the areas prioritised for improvement

  1. The continued development of common teaching approaches to Oral Language Development, Spelling, Grammar and Comprehension and to language related to literacy across the curriculum.
  2. The continuous development of a literacy rich environment.
  • Ensuring that first year students improve their competence in oral, reading and written literacy as identified by WRAT4, CAT4, NGRT & Survey Monkey Questionnaire.
  1. Embedding a culture of ‘literacy confidence’ across the stakeholders in RCS.
  2. Increasing the up-take of higher level English both at junior and senior cycle.
  3. Develop awareness around literacy life skills oral and reading literacy and the role of all stakeholders in nurturing those skills.
  • The promotion of the KeyWord Journal as a focal point for developing and implementing our literacy strategy. Encourage the use of the KeyWord Journal as a tool in developing Formative Assessment for learning strategies around literacy.

Full report, analysis, findings & results is available by contacting the Principal.