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Classroom Based Assessments Message from Co-ordinator

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the new Junior Cycle, your son/daughter will take part in a series of Classroom Based Assessments (C.B.A’s) during second year. These C.B.A’s will happen in the following subjects: English, Science, Business studies, French and Visual Art. The C.B.A for each subject will take place during a specific 3-4 week window between now and the end of May 2019.

The window for each subject is different. During these windows, your son/daughter may begin, prepare and research and of present a topic in relation to the subject. He/she may need access to the internet at home as part of the presentation. He/she my work as part of a group, depending on the subject, but he/she will be assessed individually. This assessment will not take the form of a percentage but instead will be under one of the following categories:

> Exceptional
> Above Expectations
> In line with Expectations
> Yet to meet Expectations

These descriptors will appear on The Profile of Achievement, the Certificate presented after completing the Junior Cycle. The Profile of Achievement will contain the list of grades achieved in the examinations in June 2020. It will also list the descriptors for all the C.B.A’s.

The schedule for the 2nd Year C.B.A’s reads as follows:

Visual Art (5 weeks) French (3 weeks) Business Studies (4 weeks) English (3 weeks) Science (3 weeks) 28th Jan- 8th March 25th March- 12th April April 1st- April 12th & April 29th- May 10th 29th April – 17th May 1st April- 4th May (2weeks before and 1 week after Easter Hols)

Your child’s wellbeing is of central importance to his/her educational success and happiness. Your son/daughter will be guided through the CBA experience by his/her teacher. However, attendance is always necessary for academic achievement and as such, attendance during these C.B.A’s is important.

For further information on the new Junior Cycle, please consult the official department website,

Kind regards,
Sharon McDermott
JCT Co-Ordinator