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E4U Trips 2014/2015 – Ramsgrange & Turkey

Hosting of E4U Project 5-9 November 2014

Ramsgrange TY students welcomed approximately 30 students from our partner countries : Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Norway. TY students hosted the European students and got to meet face to face the people who they had been talking to on e mail and social media during the previous few weeks. Cultural exchanges benefitted all participants and lifelong friendships were made. Over the 3 working days of the project, students got the opportunity to visit local attractions, such as the Heritage Park in Wexford and Kilkenny Castle. The students did crafts and cooked desserts from their own countries to contribute to a European tasting table. Students also attended a film making workshop and learnt skills that will benefit them later in the project. It was a great honour for the school to host the E4U conference and it will stay in the memory of the participants for a long time to come.

Closing Conference trip to Balikesir in Turkey 22-26 April

For the closing conference, four TY students got the opportunity to travel to Balikesir in Turkey. Our students were hosted by the Turkish students and they were bowled over by the hospitality and generosity of their new Turkish friends. After some flight problems, we finally arrived in Balikesir and the students took part in a treasure hunt around the town – a great way for them to get to know the other students. The groups were tasked with taking selfies in different locations in the town – great fun! The students got to try the traditional Turkish art technique of Ebru painting and they also tried Turkish dancing. On the final day, we went on a trip to Edremit and Adatepe. We saw the traditional technique used to make olive oil in an olive oil museum. The students were very sad to say goodbye on the last day. They found the experience of going to Turkey fascinating and unforgettable.