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E4U – Europe for You – Comenius & Léargas

Turkey Trip 2015
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Visit to Ramsgrange Community School 2014
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The TY students hosted a most wonderful E4U project in November. Twenty eight students from 7 different countries will visit Ramsgrange Community School between November 5-9th. These countries include Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and The Czech Republic. The European students were hosted by students from the TY class& 5th Year.
The project aims to allow students to explore and experience cultures of their European counterparts. It promotes discussion based on cultural similarities and differences with other young people across Europe. Students will also acquire and improve the following skills: teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies. Working with schools from different countries also gives pupils and teachers the opportunity to practice foreign languages and increases their motivation towards language learning.
This conference in Ramsgrange is the opening conference of a 3 year project. There will be a conference in Turkey in Spring 2015 whereby 4 TY students will have the opportunity to travel to Turkey and experience all aspects of life and culture there.Our European students and teachers will arrive on Wednesday evening November 5th where they will be greeted by their host families. Workshops will take place in the school on Thursday and Friday, with a trip to the Heritage Park in Wexford planned for Thursday afternoon. One of the highlights of the conference will be the Official Presentation by each participating country. This will take place in the Fort Conan Hotel in Duncannon on Friday afternoon. On Saturday students and teachers will travel to Kilkenny to take in some of the culture and heritage that is on offer there.The project is organised by Comenius which is the school’s branch of the European Union and is sponsored by Léargas.
All in RCS are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our European friends in November.