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Student Council Report to BOM April 8th 2014

Recently, RCS Student Council has been busy arranging and hosting a Student Council Seminar for other schools in the county. The day was a great success and evaluation sheets that were collected at the end of the day proved so. The reviews for the guest speakers were high and were very much enjoyed by the other students. Many of the Students would recommend others to come next year and rated the day very highly also. All the Students felt welcomed by the Ramsgrange Students and one student wrote ‘very welcoming, students, teachers and principal’. We got lots of ideas of things to do at Student Council. All in all the day was a great success and we hope other schools will something similar in the future.

After the seminar is was back to our usual meetings held every Tuesday.

Students had been late for class because outside bell was broken but that has been fixed.

2nd years would like more time to get their books from 2nd year area at lunchtime before class.

Water fountain has been installed in the gym from monies raised by the Student Council.

The Student Council would love to have Nathan O Connor from the ISSU back at the beginning of the year to talk to the Student Council.

We would like to thank Ms. Edwards, Ms. O’ Connor, the canteen staff, Ms. S. Walsh and our guest speakers who helped make the seminar a huge success.


Aoife De Castro & Emma Tobin

SC Chairperson & SC Deputy Chair Person.