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Student Council Regional Summer Seminar 2015

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A Wonderful day had by all…. * other schools were represented at our Annual Student Council Seminar, thank you all for attending. Feedback from the day was great!

I would very much like to thank our Student Council – a great group of industrious, impressive young people, thank you Ms. S Walsh also! Ms. O’ Connor.

Agenda Summer Seminar 2015 – Thursday May 7th 2015

9.30am-10am:                   Registration

10am-11.30am:                 The Student Council  – Role & Responsibilities

Presented by Mr. Nathan O’ Connor, PRO, Irish Second Level Student’s Union (ISSU)

11.30am-11.45am:           Break (snack provided)

11.45am- 1pm:                  Empowering Students in Secondary School

Presented by Mr. Pat Murphy, Secondary Teacher with over 35 years experience, Home School Liaison teacher, Religion Teacher and Coordinator.  Pat has worked as a volunteer with the Presentation Brothers with disadvantaged teenagers  in St Lucia in the West Indies.   Pat is a volunteer in the Capuchin Center Dublin ( Br. Kevin) feeding the homeless etc.

1pm-1.45pm:                     Hot Lunch

1.45 -3pm:                           Outside the Comfort Zone – A Story of Motivation & Hope

Presented by Mr. Marc Mulligan,

A very successful banker, Marc’s health was at a catastrophically low level when, one day, he collapsed on the way home from the office, striking his head on the ground . The resulting concussion left him on sick leave for the next two years. Two years of vertigo, daily headaches, exhaustion, hearing sensitivity, memory loss, goldfish-level of mental focus and vestibular imbalance. During those two years Marc was outside his comfort zone 24/7. We’re very excited to hear his story!



Please email your RSVP to with the names of the 3 Student delegates on/before Friday May 1st.