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SC report to BOM on Jan 21st 2014

  • Our meetings continue every Tuesday and we want to thanks Ms. S. Walsh for being there.
  • 1st Years boys played their first BB match last week after it was suggested by the SC, a team be set up. Ms. Coughlan is coach.
  • A 2nd Year BB team is in the process of being set up.
  • We held fundraisers for a Water fountain in the gym and raised €414. The school is now organising for this to be installed.
  • We have come up with ideas for a poster for the classrooms to identify what positive stamps should and shouldn’t be awarded for.
  • The Student Council Regional Spring Seminar invitations have been sent out.
  • Ms. S Walsh went through the new Child Protection Policy with us.
  • We all agreed that uniforms should be kept in schools as it makes everyone equal, there is no competition and no bully occurs because of people’s chosen style.
  • We have all been informed about the new Anti-Bullying Policy and any questions we had have been answered by Ms. O’ Connor
  • 1st and 2nd year Soccer boys have asked for tournaments. The school has organised an FAI coach to come in every Friday and he will organise a blitz.
  • We have asked for a shrotened down version of the anti bullying policy
  • Suggestions for Business area wall: pictures of successful sports teams, debs photos, genreal achievements, and arc of feelings.
  • Issues arose re: parking and buses
  • Buses breaking down: please contact School Transport in Bus Eireann Waterford.

Report by Aoife De Castro, 6th Year. – January 2013.