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SC Report to Board of Management Dec 2013

  • We meet every Tuesday at 1.30pm in the Art Room.
  • Ms. S Walsh oversees all meetings and helps to arrange and organise any ideas or problems that arise.
  • Most weeks after our meeting we nominate two students (Junior & Senior) to go meet with Ms. O’ Connor, (Principal) to discuss any problems or ideas that have come from the student body.
  • A recent idea that has come from the student body is to install a water fountain in the gym for PE and training times. We decided to fundraise for this.
  • Sunday the 1st of December, we decided to set up a face painting area during the Giant Christmas Market, it will be free for children but donations will be accepted.
  • Ms. O’ Connor has designated one of the student ‘colour’ days to the Student Council. We are going to have jersey day, welly day or colour day. The money raised will all be lodged into the school account and will be put towards the water fountain and future ideas for the school. Some money raised will be donated to charity.
  • Since the beginning of the year, more extra-curricular activities have been set up as a result of the work of the Student Council. e.g. 2nd Yr Basketball and 1st & 2nd year Soccer.
  • The Student Council were in pairs for the school Open Night and we organised the very successful tours of the school for parents and potential new students.
  • More sports activities have been asked to be set up in the interests of students, table tennis and rugby in particular.
  • A ‘rent a football’ scheme has been set up. Students can now trade in their journal or swipe card at lunchtime for use of a football at lunch.
  • Throughout this year we hope to continue to help students through their issues in and about the school as we are the council chosen to represent our student body.
  • Report written by Aoife De Castro (Deputy Chariperson) and co-signed by Adam Duffin (Chairperson)