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JCSP Woodwork trip on Friday 24th October, 2014

On the 24th of October all the second year Woodwork and Technical Graphics classes went on a school trip with their teachers Mr Barry Molloy and Mr Shane Walsh.


We split into two groups and I was in the group that first went to Bevel Funiture in Fethard on Sea, while the other group visited Tintern Wood. At Bevel Furniture,  Tommy Kelly, the owner, showed us examples of funiture he made and he showed us the steps involved with making funiture out of hardwood. I enjoyed this and I thought the funiture was really well made.

Tommy then gave us instructions on how to make a boot-jack which is used to remove a muddy boot without touching it.  He gave us the tools and equipment to make it.   This was the main part of this part of the tour and I think most people really enjoyed it and we got to take home our finished products.


After Bevel Furniture we took the bus to Tintern Abbey to explore the wood there. The first thing we saw was a 12th Century mill and beside it was the oldest tree in the woods. We then walked to the walled garden which was there for hundreds of years but has recently been refurbished. We then walked up to the Abbey gravyard where the decesed monks were buried. After that we went back on the bus and drove to a Ned Kelly’s Sawmills in Ballycullane where we  saw the conversion of logs into planks.  Then we saw how wood is dried and treated. This was very interesting.

Then we walked up the road to Ned’s brother who has a blade shapening factory . We saw the machine which is used for sharpening circular saw blades and we watched how  band saw blades were sharpened.

All in all we had a great day and learnt lots about the different types of trees in the wood and what they are used for in furniture making and in the building trade.